Pet Vet Express

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Affordable Care for Common Pet Health Needs


Pet Vet in Dyer is a well-established small animal veterinary clinic providing low cost outpatient care, vaccines, blood and urine testing and examination and treatment of minor problems. With so many people seeking affordable pet care you should call us.

Pet Vet Clinic treats the most common problems that affect pets where the services and facilities of a full service hospital are not needed, although the central hospital, Plum Creek is just 7 miles away.

We treat problems related to ears, skin and eyes as well as intestinal and respiratory, itching and allergies, pain,  arthritis, urinary problems, fleas, ticks, parasites and worms. If your pet's problem is beyond the scope of Pet Vet Clinic, our patients have full access to Plum Creek our central hospital. Since our electronic medical record system is shared, doctors can easily access records from either location as needed.

Updated Puppy - Canine Packages

Puppy Pack 1 $79.00

5in1 Distemper /Parvo vaccine (need 3-4)

Microscopic Fecal Test (for Intestinal Parasites some of which may be Contagious to Humans)

Giardia test (another parasite)

Deworm for Rounds and Hooks (Needs 2-4 times and monthly preventive)

Puppy Pack 2 $65.00

5in1 Distemper/Parvo vaccine (Needs 3-4)

Leptospirosis (need 2)

Oral Bordetella

Deworm for Rounds and Hooks

Puppy Pack 3 $64.00

5in1 Distemper/Parvo vaccine #3

Leptospirosis # 2

Injectable Bordetella
(if needed)

Deworm for Rounds and Hooks

The Best Puppy Club – BEST VALUE! $249.00


New Puppy Exam
Fecal test for parasites (2)
Giardia test
5in1 Distemper/Parvo up to 3 vaccines
Leptospirosis up to 2 vaccines
Bordetella up to 2 vaccines
Deworm for Rounds and Hooks (up to 3 times)
2 oz bottle of Vitamins (all pups need it)
Heartworm Test at 6 months
50% off Microchip Identification
50% off 1st Bath/Trim/nails at 12 weeks
3 monthly doses heartworm/intestinal parasite preventive
(Need 12 months each year, every year for life around here)
3 monthly doses of Flea/ Tick preventive (Need it March through Dec)
20% off Spay/Neuter up to 10 months

Puppies and Kittens must be 12 weeks old in Indiana

and 16 weeks old in Illinois to get Rabies vaccination 

Basic Dog Pack $69.00

1 Year Rabies + tag

Distemper/Parvo vaccine
Leptospirosis vaccine
Deworm for Rounds and Hooks

K9A Adults under 5.
Best Value! $99.00

1 Year Rabies + tag

5in1 Distemper / Parvo vaccine
Bordetella vaccine
Leptospirosis vaccine
Blood test for Heartworms
2 Kidney function tests
2 Liver function tests
Blood glucose test
Deworm for Rounds and Hooks

K9B Adults 5 & Up. 
Best Value! $129.00

1 Year Rabies + tag

5in1 Distemper / Parvo vaccine
Bordetella vaccine
Leptospirosis vaccine
Deworm for Rounds and Hooks
Blood Test for Heartworms

Additional blood tests included:
Albumin, Alkaline Phosphatase
ALT (SGPT), Amylase, Total Bilirubin, BUN, Calcium, Chloride, Cholesterol,Creatinine, GGT, Globulin, Glucose,Phosphorus, Potassium, Sodium, lbumin:Globulin Ratio, Sodium:Potassium Ratio,
Thyroid (T4) Screen

Please note that all dogs that step outside in this area also need LYME vaccine.
It is given 2 times 3-4 weeks apart the first year and yearly boosters thereafter.

Keep Fleas and Ticks out of your house as they can bring serious disease to your pets and to your family!

All dogs and cats need Heartworm/Parasite preventives to protect them AND YOU AND YOUR FAMILY!

We try hard to find the most affordable preventives THAT WORK HERE IN THIS AREA to protect all of you.


Family Parasite Prevention Program


Effective way to prevent canine heartworm
Practical way to treat-control hookworms
Practical way to treat- control roundworms
Flavored chewable tablets
Easy to remember monthly treatment
Priced for cost conscious clients


Bravecto kills fleas, prevents flea infestations,
and kills ticks (black-legged tick,
American dog tick, and brown dog tick)
for 12 weeks.
Bravecto also kills lone star ticks for 8 weeks.

Seresto Collars Vectra and 3d